Star Wars Celebration Shared Exclusives Leaked?!?

Star Wars fansite, Yakface, has uncovered what Star Wars Celebration Funko items are also showing up in your local stores.

POP! Hoth Princess Leia – Hot Topic
POP! Han Solo (Death Star Escape) – Hot Topic
POP! Chopper (Imperial Disguise) – Hot Topic
POP! Jedi Luke Skywalker (Hooded) – GameStop
POP! 442nd Siege Battalion Clone Trooper – F.Y.E.
POP! Grand Admiral Thrawn – Toys”R”Us
POP! Holographic Qui-Gon Jinn – Target
POP! Rey with Speeder – Wal-Mart

Hot Topic is notorious for releasing the POP!s on the day that the Con’s open, so I would expect to check them out on on Thursday (4/12). Good luck with the rest, as they will likely show up at random points over the next week or so.

The follow items do not currently have a home:

POP! Garindan
Wobbler Prototype Suit Boba Fett
Mini Hikari Greedo sets
Plush Jabba the Hut & Salacious Crumb set

That doesn’t mean that they won’t, as Funko officially reveals the shared exclusives on Thursday this week!


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