All Of The Disney Treasures 2017 Themes Are Revealed!

In the unboxing of the first Disney Treasures box, Funko has revealed that the inside of the box will have a map, which has 6 different sections labeled. One is Pirates Cove, which obviously was the April theme. Also listed is Ever After Castle, Snowflake Mountain, Festival of Freinds, Haunted Forest, & Tiny Town.

Now, that doesn’t exactly layout which box will be themed what, but the teaser for June has just hit, and it is Festival of Friends!

The next stop on the journey is Festival of Friends! The Festival of Friends box features a flying Dumbo with Timothy Pop! The Festival of Friends destination is carnival themed, so make sure you bring a friend. This box theme focuses on best friends and sidekicks from classic Disney animation and Disney Parks. Adventures are always better with a friend!


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