Funko ECCC Shared Exclusives Revealed

Funko will be at ECCC in Seattle this weekend, and they have a whole load of exclusives to sell. Many of them will hit some of the mass retailers, as well as There is no set release for these, but if you follow us on Facebook we will be sure to keep this updated!

Barnes & Noble
Pop! Animation: Peanuts – Peppermint Patty
Dorbz Ridez: Hanna-Barbera – The Great Gazoo

Pop! Animation: Scooby Doo – The Creeper
Pop! Star Wars: Muftak

Pop! Games: Overwatch – Emerald Pharah

Hot Topic
Pop! Marvel: WWII Captain America
Pop! TV: Stranger Things – Eleven & Barb 2-pack

Pop! Animation: Rick & Morty – Buff Rick & Summer 2-pack

Dorbz: Green Arrow & Black Canary 2-pack

Pop! Animation: Looney Tunes – Michigan J. Frog
Dorbz: Seattle Freddy Funko
Dorbz: Spastik Plastik 3-pack
Pop! Funko: El Diablo (Green Suit)
Pop! Funko: T-Bone (Green)
Pop! Hanna-Barbera: Blue Falcon
Pop! Hanna-Barbera: DynoMutt
Pop! Muppets: Superhero Kermit
Pop! Rides: Hanna-Barbera – Hong Kong Phooey


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