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Toy Fair 2017: Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Funko POP!

The Dark Tower is headed to theaters this summer. Funko will have a few POP!s based on the Stephen King Bestseller. No set release date for The Gunslinger & The Man in Black, but the movie is due out in late July!


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  1. Have some place holders on Brick Seek for Walmart for The Dark Tower Pop!’s, GOTG Vol 2 Groot Dorbz w/ Cyborg Eye Walmart Exclusive and Carnage Dorbz Walmart Exclusive.
    Carnage Dorbz Exclusive to Walmart SKU 55531437
    GOTG Vol 2 Groot W/Cyborg Eye Dorbz Walmart Exclusive 55531435
    The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Pop! 55531432
    The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Posed Pop! 55531433
    The Dark Tower: The Man In Black 55531434

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