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Funko POP! Vinyls, Welcome To The Space Jam!

Space Jam is on the way! These POP!s based on the classic movie feature some of your favorite Looney Toones. Sadly, Michael Jordan is missing from this group. Taz will also have a CHASE with an open mouth. These are due in April, and can be pre-ordered by clicking the images below.


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  1. Juat picked up Bugs and the standard Taz at Hot Topic. I also picked up Dot Warner to complete the 3 for $30 deal. But in terms of the Tune Squad members, they are crisp as the day is long. I will add though that I noticed a few of the Bugs had paint chips scattered across the chest of his jersey in package. It will come off, but that is just to let anyone else know it shouldn’t be a turn off to these great figures.
    Now if only we could get the pre-Monstars aliens, Lola, and a Stan Pollack I would probably be a happy camper.

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