Details On Retail Exclusive Assortments Of Power Rangers Pint Size Heroes

The Power Rangers Pint Size Heroes will be due out next month. While you will be able to get the basic assortment anywhere that sells the Pint Size Heroes, 3 stores will have a special assortment, with 4 exclusive ones. Unlike the past few retailer exclusive Pint Size assortments, these will just add to the basic assortment, rather than take pieces away from the basic assortment.

The basic assortment is:
Red Ranger
Yellow Ranger
Blue Ranger
Black Ranger
Green Ranger
White Ranger
Pink Ranger
Alpha 5
Rita Repulsa
Putty Soldier
Metallic Blue Ranger

GameStop will add:
Unmasked Red Ranger
Unmasked Blue Ranger
Lord Zedd

Walgreens will add:
Unmasked Black Ranger
Unmasked Pink Ranger
Unmasked Green Ranger

WalMart will add:
Unmasked White Ranger
Unmasked Yellow Ranger
Metallic Red Ranger


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